Monday, October 25, 2010

Bye Bye Burqa

So France have finally passed their own "Burqa Ban" and have set an example that the rest of the Western World needs to follow. While other European countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain either have or are in the process of passing similar laws. Why is more of Europe or even the world not following suit? Many politicians use the veil of religious freedom to show support for, or shy away from the issue, however most politicians are unenlightened when it comes to Islam and the issues and injustices surrounding it. The burqa issue is hardly about religious freedom, it's about women's rights and public safety.

The burqa is nothing more than a material ball and chain tied to Muslim women. A symbol of oppression that Muslim women are forced to wear at all times by their husbands, fathers and brothers under penalty of public gang rape, beating and honour killing. This is all "justified" in the eyes of Islamic men, who see women who do not wear the burqa as nothing more than ungodly whores (who clearly require a good raping to put them in-line).

Unfortunately, Islam is designed to favour men and oppress women. The Quran is full of sexist material and can be summed up by one simple line pulled directly from it.

“A woman is worth one-half a man.” 2:282.

While there are many other discriminatory and sexist remarks riddled throughout the holy book of Allah, this one quote really makes the chauvinism and closed-mindedness shine through. However, I would like to see how well two women would hold up against one man in a Sharia court, for example, following logic two women would be worth one man, but logic in a Sharia court? I'll go right ahead and use to popular term "LOL".

If I were to walk around the streets of Melbourne's CBD with a with a ski mask covering my face, it wouldn't be long until local law enforcement would apprehend me and demand I remove it. The burqa is essentially just a loose fitting ski mask, then why do people who wear it get given a free pass? Even if I wore it for non-religious reasons, my identity would be hidden and no-one could question it. Anyone could walk around with a burqa on and be hidden in plain sight. Criminals, wanted fugitives, terrorists, stalkers and the like could all use this religious loophole to move where they please hiding in Muhammad's heavy shadow. This is why concealing your identity in a public place is generally not allowed, and needs to apply to everyone for our own protection.

It's about time politicians in positions of power proposed plans to pass in parliament regarding Australia following suit with many European countries and banning anyone from sporting headwear that covers the face. The burqa and niqab are all I am calling on to be outlawed. The hijab does not cover the wearers face and is fine to wear in public, so Muslim women can still express their religion if they so wish. Penalties need to be put in place for anyone caught wearing face covers in public, and even larger penalties for anyone who forces a woman to wear a burqa in public.

Some people believe that "burqa banning" is a bad idea because it will make Muslim husbands lock up their wives keep them from going out in public or being seen by non-family members. All this because of a law that says people can't hide their identity.



  1. Interesting post. I'm still undecided about this matter. It crosses a lot of grey areas that border freedom of choice and part-slavery. This is only the beginning I feel.

  2. Very nice post, need I say more than your blog title is very fitting?