Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Social Tolerance of Obesity Epidemic.

Excuse me humanity, but at what point did being overweight become a good thing?
When did we come across a miracle cure or prevention for diabetes, heart problems and stroke?
With the Western World undergoing what some may call a "Falstaffian revolution", where is the logic and common sense in our society? Obesity in anyone causes a massive variety of health and social issues, often with horrific consequences.

In the last 20 years obesity rates in the US have increased 400-500%, and childhood obesity has increased 200%, and what do we have to tackle this?
"I'm big and I'm proud"
"Fat pride"
"Bigger is better"
There are groups of people attempting to remove the social issues related to obesity, so people don't tease them, don't segregate them, however this isn't going to get rid of the tragic health issues related to obesity.
It's downright cruel that we are trying to tell children that being fat is okay, and they should have pride in their size. No person should be proud of their obesity. They need to be placed into the mindset that they need to attempt to lose weight, or they will die. Anyone who is overweight and nonchalant about it, really needs a proverbial kick in the ass (which I'm sure wouldn't be hard to miss), as well as anyone who is furthering the stigma.

Health is one true asset that really means something. We have no sympathy for smokers, no sympathy for drinkers, and should not show any sympathy for people who are overweight, and make the choice not to do anything about it.


  1. it's getting out of control

  2. It's sad what the world is becoming. I hate people who try and take some sort of pride in their weight issues.

  3. As long as people are making money, its hard to change their ways, even if its unhealthy

  4. Yeah try stopping a multi billion dollar corporation like mcdonalds, I mean fast food is delicious but learn moderation people!

  5. Well you know what they say, fat people have more cushin' for the pushin'. ;)

  6. As an individual who is chronically underweight I am unaffected by this. XD

  7. There has to be a point where you think enough is enough.

  8. I hadn't thought of it that way. It's really kind of gross. These people are choosing to be sick. Is it really that hard to put the damn potato chips down? They're fucking killing you. Having said that, I smoke, but at least I don't have to buy two plane tickets.